Balancing Brand Access, Sales Enablement, and Control in One Platform

In a highly connected digital world, programs launch, business directions change, product claims evolve, and content becomes out-of-date at a pace never before seen. The organization, maintenance, and distribution of brand assets and content is a daunting challenge for any enterprise. BrandEnabled resource centers can change that.

Brand Access: Enable Connection Where It Matters

Share guided access to brand content, assets, and tools with your sales teams, agencies, and channel partners in an easy-to-manage platform that provides a cohesive and contextual user experience. Start today with a quick demo.

Sales Enablement: Close the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing teams work hard to create rich brand content, and sales teams and partners deserve an easy way to use it. Whether you have an internal sales team, a distribution channel, a network of franchisees or even agency partners, those resources should be at their fingertips. But BrandEnabled takes it further, organizing assets and tools in a contextual format, integrating add-ons like savings calculators, ROI calculators, and even our custom proposal builder. Request a demo and see for yourself.

Control: Simplify Brand Alignment and Governance

Brands are ever evolving, often at a pace that makes it hard for agencies, sales teams, channel partners, franchisees and others to keep up. Brand and marketing stewards have a tall responsibility to empower all those who take your brands to market with the resources they need and keep it in compliance. Now there’s a way to keep it current and organized while providing clear, easy access to those who need it. Request a demo today.