The Solution

One Place to Power Your Brand Partners

BrandEnabled resource centers are a digital environment for your internal communities that lets you organize, educate, and provide access to branded assets, knowledge, and content in one solution.

What Is It?

  • It’s a resource center for all of your brand related assets, tools, and knowledge.
  • It’s a web application that provides a great experience across all devices from the desktop to the phone.
  • It’s a content management system (CMS) that lets you administrate, control, and update content easily and effectively.
  • It has a robust dashboard allowing users to tailor usage and tools to their needs while enabling you to highlight what matters—new promotions and content, updates, tools and more.

And There Is So Much More You Can Do:

  • You have user level administration to segment users, managing and controlling differing levels or segments of content access.
  • You have a destination for regular communication updates, without overburdening your communities with email.
  • You can add customized integrations with other digital systems in your enterprise, utilizing single sign-on (SSO) and more.
  • You can integrate custom sales enablement tools including savings and ROI calculators.
  • You can enable users to build proposals on the fly, print materials on demand, and more.
  • You gain insight from analytics to understand who is using your tool, what they are using, and how they are using it.

See how BrandEnabled can transform brand management and extend brand access to your essential partners and communities. Request a demo today.