Channel Partners

Dealers, Distributors, Franchisees, Retailers, and More

BrandEnabled resource centers are a solution to keep your channel informed, educated, and equipped. You work hard to produce brand messaging, present a compelling value proposition, and deliver effective marketing assets and promotions—don’t let it all get lost in the translation. Give channel partners the assets and tools to sell your brand, products, and events more effectively when it is paired with your insight, knowledge, and best practices.

Give your channel the power to:

  • Keep your channel partners current and engaged
  • Make it easy to access brand assets and tools with contextual guidance
  • Onboard new channel partners faster and easier
  • Maintain message control and brand governance
  • Empower sales to personalize follow-up presentations with brand approved messaging
  • Send customized PDF or HTML emails in seconds
  • Calculate savings, ROI or other compelling scenarios to improve the selling process
  • Integrate custom selling tools and marketing materials

Share, update, and manage all the information, assets, training, and tools your communities need, from in one organized, contextual resource. Plus it’s easy for marketers to manage and keep current.

Equip your channel with everything they need.

Dealers, Distributors, Franchisees, Retailers


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