Sales and Marketing

BrandEnabled resource centers is the place where marketing and sales can align. Guide the use of materials and put marketing messages, brand assets, and selling tools in the hands of your entire sales team, and do it with context. Structure your brand story so key messages are not lost and claim compliance is maintained. Make it easier to launch new programs and onboard team members. Do it all with one cohesive solution.

Equip your selling team with everything they need.

  • Simplify access to brand assets with contextual guidance
  • Personalize follow-up presentations with brand approved messaging
  • Maintain control and brand governance across the organization
  • Institutionalize use and sharing of best practices
  • Onboard new team members faster and easier
  • Simply sales engagement for marketers and reduce redundant effort
  • Integrate savings and ROI calculators, proposals building tools, or other compelling selling tools to improve effectiveness

Launch programs to the field with ease. Equip sales to sell effectively with all your marketing assets and to with the confidence that your sales team is using the latest tools and content. Plus, you can segment your team with for different markets or user level groups.

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